(Eng Sub) [MooMoo Trip] EP. 01 I Bon Voyage♡ I MAMAMOO I 마마무


U+아이돌Live 오리지널 시리즈 - MOO MOO TRIP
EP. 01 MAMAMOO went on a special trip, to celebrate their 6th anniversary!
It is their first trip together since their debut..! Aren't you excited, too?
#솔라 #문별 #휘인 #화사
#무무트립 #IDOLLIVE #아이돌라이브


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    [Notice] From today, MOOMOO TRIP Episodes will be uploaded (Every Sunday 10:00AM KST) Of course, with ENG subtitle :)

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    Thank you

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    Yayayay!! Thx so much!!!!!!!

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    Discover just now..but yey! 😄

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    Please do with DREAMCATCHER PLS

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    Thanku for this..🥰🥰❤️

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    most fun idol group to just watch by themselves (without comedians or mcs chiming in)

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    What is the title of the song wheein playing in the music box 13:00

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    MAMAMOO is love

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    Watching this now makes me miss travelling with my friends 😭

  • Diosdada Roset

    Diosdada Roset

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    What is the title of the song that wheein play in the music box 13:00

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    Hwasa wearing a kurta which is a Indian dress Love from India❤️

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    This is the first time I’m seeing this lol

  • wearemamamoo

    I watch this whenever I miss them and I always miss them 😅

  • Kairi T1419
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    2:20 por eso en su ultimo video dijo que no había problema de estar 2 días seguidos con Byul en la piscina xD

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    watching this for 50th time 😊💚

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    they've been together for 6yrs already??? i just started discovering about them. ☹️ ♥️

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    Hwasa sitting comfortably during this meeting is YES for me.. she really is a queen of "breaking stereotypes"..

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    im here to ✨rewatch ✨

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    Thanks for the English Sub 😭😭😭🥰🥰

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    Seeing this episode i can see that their teamwork is a business relationship which is not bad but i can understand why sometimes they are not in the same vibe since they are coworkers and by looking at the pink microphones i can see that solar kept one 🤣because she used it in the camping show too 🤣🤣

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    #HWABYUL for some reason its a great ship

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    Watching this for the nth time, coz I miss them so baaaaaaaaad TT

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    I love Mamamoo❤❤❤

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    Love this video

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    This is the first video I watched of them and straight away became a fan. Their friendship and laughs are so genuine. They have awesome group dynamic.

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    11:03 Running man?

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    why didn't i knew abt this

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    there's 6 episodes of this

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    Is it just me or hwasa is really wearing a suit type thing with jeans??

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    16:21 solar started the gay panick by being proud with her soulmate😂

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    The way they secretly love moonsnake

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    Hey I'm a new moomoo Do they have other shows like this?

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    Me doing homework and listening at the same time like i understand shit😜

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    i think im in love with moonbyul😭😭

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    so no ones gonna talk about the dead bird .

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    Alam ko ako lang pinoy dito

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    EXPLAIN, THEY LITERALLY WENT ON A TRIP LAST YEAR FOR FUN thmy.info/dev/pLuYe5i6xpHEq3c/w-d-xo.html

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    azzy t

    5 วันที่ผ่านมา

    @alex lopez Solar was doing work for Solarsido. But even outside of that video, Wheein wasn't there due to her schedule. Only Solar, Hwasa, and Moonbyul were there. They were saying they either went on trips for work, or they weren't all there on the trip together when they'd go for fun.

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    alex lopez

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    They werent doing work so ?

  • alex lopez
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    Wait im so confused, they say theyve never been on a trip together but in solarsido, we literally saw all 4 of them travel together and that was just last year

  • alex lopez
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    Last year has been soooo busy for me that i havent sene alot of mamamoo content but i finally have time to watch these videos in peace

  • alex lopez
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    Happy 2021, i'm praying that youll invite mamamoo agin to do a show on your channel, they are naturally born comedian when they together. Hopefully like a concept of *A DAY WITH MAMAMOO*

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    What's the song @ 19:40 please 🥺

  • alex lopez

    alex lopez

    3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Its from their reality in black album

  • alex lopez

    alex lopez

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    ZzZz by mamamoo

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    Can someone please tell me the title of the opening song thank you :)

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    AielMae Herez

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    @alex lopez thank you :)

  • alex lopez

    alex lopez

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    That’s Universe by Mamamoo. It’s from their reality in black album from 2019 :)

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    Sorry I'm late, but here I am :3

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    If Twice has Sanake then Mamamoo has Moonsnake

  • Anna Soffea
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    Mamamoo:We are a great group Also Mamamoo:*Taking Hours to pick what to do because if dif opinions*

  • Anna Soffea
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    No One Hwasa:Give me a comfortable bed

  • Anna Soffea
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    Its basicly a Cows Trip

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    Ugh this peeps really 🥺 their reactions when Moonstar dance lmao, that rhythm is from a game 'pou' lol

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    New fan here! Can’t wait to watch all eps!

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    loool moonbyul promoting moonbyulida infront of yongsun 😂

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    solar gay panic mode on HAHAHAHAHA

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    They are so fun to watch.. Their friendship is amazing.. Compromise, so everyone can fit in, and have a good memories together.. We all different, yet not everyone can compromise that big.. i hope they stay this way for a loooonggg loongg time.. 💞mamamoo..

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    Bellas!!! gracias por los subtitulos

  • Ppalgang Chic
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    I love when Hwasa put up her leg when they are in a meeting with the producer lol

  • Sam HJW
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    I am crazy for looking Hwasa Face.pocker face💙💙

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    Moonbyul soo cute😍😍😍😍

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    16:20 thank me later hehe....

  • Bequi Ram
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    Por favor no se olviden de sus fans españolas. Quiero saber que dicen. 😓

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    05:51 What song for BGM?

  • Yuni P Ananda

    Yuni P Ananda

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    @alex lopez Thank you! :)

  • alex lopez

    alex lopez

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    Sky Sky! From mamamoo’s EP Red Moon :)

  • PhineaBlue
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    The lady at 19:20 reminds me of an older version of IU 😄

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    aya dingga=2020

  • Jun Laurence
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    reality show after 2 years being moomoo omg AYA and DINGGA

  • marcie
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    their travelling style corresponds to their mbti lmao.. love you mamamoo, stay happy

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    17:14 what the name of song? Anybode tell me pls

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    Sky Sky by MAMAMOO

  • Do you know LITTLE MIX?
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    I love that they. don't use aegyo like other gg

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    I am watching this only now! I cannot believe myself! I am gonna continue now.

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    My Queens 💖

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    솔직히 마마무 예전처럼 친해보이진 않는다

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    7:06 Lego spotted Solar you got exposed you do have a Lego sponsor 😂

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    BYUL is so cute😍❤️

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    Watching variety shows is How I get to know 2nd Gen idols so now I'm watching this... Love Mamamoo, love their style and songs.. It's just so unique! (and I only know 2 members so gotta know more of the rest!)

  • Kamall Farhan
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    they're real comedian singer, 100% and they're just another level of artist. i loved them a lot! they can makes some jokes and have fun without anything. respect! 😁👍

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    Hi guys new fan here. Any other shows where i can watch them? 😄

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    Does anyone know what’s the song at the start?

  • Primmy


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    jypanman21 universe

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    Thanks to the idollive cause do a moomo trip

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    Hwasa's long top startled me at first coz I thought it's a kurta (if you're an Indian you know ;) ) 😂😂😂

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  • wegotbananis
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    ok so this has SO MANY HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE MOMENTS 2:21 Hyejin is like a seal lmao 5:48 wheepup doing her lil leg thing 9:50 “let’s have fun today... hwasa: yeah might as well” 10:31 Wheein saying hi to literally no one 13:16 Hyejin suddenly getting up and dancing and the shop owners reaction LOL 16:19 Moonbyul vibing to the music lmao 18:08 Wheein being a giggly babie

  • wegotbananis
    wegotbananis5 หลายเดือนก่อน


  • Pallavi Sagar
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    Hwasa is wearing indian kurta? It resembles so much!

  • anis nadia
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    19:47 cuteeee🥺💕

    KRISTY K5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Does anyone know what is the name of the song that starts @ 13:02??

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  • rcmanization
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    they've become so much calmer nowadays compared to before. not really beagle idols anymore, it seems.

  • Jenlisa 0923
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    Wheein is such a babyyyyyyy ❤️

  • Ananya Jain
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    Solar: "Won't we get cursed?" Moonbyul: "I'm scared of dolls" ...at 18:26 Me: yup we're all getting cursed...😂😂😂

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    Am I the only moomoo who's seeing this now? 😐

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    mamamoo: cringes at byul dancing also mamamoo: do it again~ cuties huhu

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    My 1st time watching this, yeah 1st time😂 Only MooMoos can relate

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    can someone tell me what was the intro song? :c

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    Universe from reality in black album :)

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    They are so fine. Damn 😭💕

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    ahhhhh por que hay tanto anuncio :((((

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  • Izzah Nadhirah Zulkarnain
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    Anyone know what is the title of the song play on 17:16 ..? Thank u in advance.. 😄

  • Primmy


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    Izzah Nadhirah Zulkarnain Sky sky by mamamoo

  • Gayatri P1995
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    So many great places to visit and amusing and creative spaces in Korea. Dream to visit it atleast once in my life

  • Taylor S
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    I LOVE THESE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!!! Oh my gosh the subtitle, "You are seeing Mamamoo in disharmony for the first time" when they were disagreeing, like I know that's probably a joke because they're known for flawless vocals but HONEY. Moomoos have seen this lol.

  • John Smith
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    That puppet show was really good and I loved their reactions to it.

  • Dana Bee
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    I'm so excited to have found this! Thank you so much for uploading this for us international MooMoos!

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    좋겠다 마마무 앞에서 공연도 하구....

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    hwasa with her leg up, bare foot on chair is giving me life