Squid Game Red Light Green Light ​Survival Battle VS Friday Night Funkin' By Rainbow Animation


Squid Game Red Light Green Light Survival Battle VS Friday Night Funkin' By Rainbow Animation
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Base on the best rhythm game recently, Friday Night Funkin', we create and develop funny and juicy videos. That BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND, and their friends will go through VS Challenges. On that journey, they must pass multiple levels of eating contests. Can they make it? Can love win anything?
In the future, we will bring more and more game characters into our videos, so if you get any recommendations, please leave a comment.

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Admin - Tran Loc
Director - Do Son
Producer - Luong Ngon
Scriptwriter: Tuan Anh, Ha Le
Artist: Zyn, Yen Nguyen, Huy Hoang, Minh Nguyen
Animator: Tung Duong, Tran Hoai Linh, Minh Anh
Voice Actor - Ngoc Nguyen
Editor - Hieu Viet
Background - Thanh Hang, Ngoc

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