acoustic songs of the 1975 to sing you to sleep *sad & melancholic playlist*


i combined are all of my fav acoustic songs of the 1975 that i wanted people to listen to and vibe with it when you ran out of sad love songs
enjoy :'))
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song titles (all by The 1975):
(0:00) 102
(3:41) Sex
(7:00) Robbers
(11:13) The City
(14:07) A Change Of Heart
(19:08) Somebody Else
(24:18) Paris
(29:09) Nana
(32:55) She Lays Down
(36:15) Be My Mistake
all gifs shown are not mine. i mainly found them on pinterest.
credits to all owners of the gifs.
the whole video (except the songs) are all edited and combined by me with all my heart and effort (i really hope you like and enjoy the visuals)
#the1975 #acousticsongs #sadlovesongs
I do not own these songs, all credit goes to the rightful owners (The 1975).
I do this for fun and entertainment purposes only.
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, SCHOLARSHIP, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All rights to the created owner.


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    this is my safe place, such a rare, relaxed video. not many people. a place to vent or cry or sleep. this is my home

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    Welcome home, hope you don't mind me staying the night here

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    makes me want to make/join a safe space, aesthetic music discord. sometimes all we need is to get away and shut the world out.

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    Alejandra Madrid

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    Same here ✨

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    same, same, same. the 1975 made such special music, and I'm glad this person collected all the nostalgic and precious ones💖

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    The shaky helmet july brush because birthday externally slip behind a hospitable clock. slimy, aboriginal utensil

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    I came here because of The Rose

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    Thankss~~ I was looking for this

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    Asesina Asesina a cualquier chico que la mire Ella para atraerlo es amable con el Cuando lo consigue juega con la mente de el Asiendo que el la busque como un loco desesperado Y el la encuentra el feliz y ingenuo le habla el solo va a su muerte Le dice hola y ella igual pero ella seguirá con su plan ella actúa fría con el Se despide de el y el siente que ella esta enojada y hará cualquier cosa para hacerla feliz vuelve como ingenuo a buscarla a hacerla feliz y ella no es tonta y se pone feliz al ver como el hace el ridiculo para hacerla reír El sigue cayendo en sus trampas rápidamente su mente va colapsando Ella le sonrie y lo mira como ningún otro chico Pero el chico cae como siempre en sus trampas el esta dispuesto a decirle lo que siente le pide que si se veían en el bolevard en el bar Ella acepta llega la noche y ahí está ella con su vestido de revista Y el con su camisa cara y nuevo peinado es ahí donde ella va lograr Su objetivo asesinarlo ella saca su navaja café de 100 dólares de su bolso y se lo clava en el corazón ella se va corriendo siendo iluminada Por las luces artificiales del bar para no volver nunca más

  • Stacey Louise
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    Love the acoustic versions need a album full of them

  • The Sunset Kings
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    Thanks for sharing. If you have time come check out our music videos - We're an independent rock band and think you might dig our sound. Appreciate it.

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    love that it starts with 102

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    Thank you for making this❤️❤️

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    i listen to this playlist everyday and i still love it sm, like evrytime that i listen to it , i still feel like its the first time that i listen to it; i can find any playlist like this one so thank u

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    I had enough this kalungkutan.

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    stop being malungkut na

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    huge thanks for this one 🙏 bcz technically they havent release an acoustic vers album yet

  • danica rafols
    danica rafols17 วันที่ผ่านมา

    My crush introduce me to 1975 bec its his fave band.... anyways he didnt know I like him bec we are just friends but if he found this comment then goodluck to me

  • papa Joel

    papa Joel

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    ur crush have a fcking taste. hope u guys be together

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    What's the name of this playlist and spotity?

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    ♫ LINKS TO THIS PLAYLIST ♫♪ spotify soundcloud

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    listen to this song at the end of the devastating april. im from indonesia btw

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    12 clock

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  • Lubna Kabir
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    Yess! Love these songs in acoustic version. My 3 favorite songs of The 1975 are Change of Heart, Somebody Else, and Paris.

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    Flowers from 1970 ...

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    I’m sorry LMAO

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    so cute, thankyou love! 💗

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    this is my favorite playlist, it feels like home

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    THIS IS GOLD!!!!!!!!

  • DearMetanoia

    hi ash! im aspiring to create music playlists and upload it in yt! just wanna know if you can monetize these kinds of music playlists ? thanks in adv! +p.s. thanks for creating this playlist, I love it! I'm a huge fan of the 1975 :D

  • DearMetanoia



    @Ash Jules ohhh, i see i see. thanks ash!! more power to you!!

  • Ash Jules

    Ash Jules


    unfortunately i can’t monetise this music playlist due to copyright :(

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    Stay, Stay, stay, stay, stay... And now always I will remember you when I listen this wonderful playlist. 💚 This is amazing, thank you Ash Jules.

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    This is really calming☺️

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    to clean your soul:

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    i cannot express how happy and satisfied i felt when i found this playlist. bless you 🌸❤

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    this is my place of comfort

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    i was actually listening to this while doing my homework no wonder why i fell asleep instead of doing my homework hahahaha

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    Mis noches ahora son mejor 💓✨🇲🇽

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    63 people cried too hard they accidentally pressed the dislike button

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    The best in the Night

  • Vry

    this video provided comfort while I'm listening to it thanks

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    i feel so lost and alone

  • Ash Jules
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    ♫♪ song list ♪♫ (0:00) 102 (3:41) sex (7:00) robbers (11:13) the city (14:07) a change of heart (19:08) somebody else (24:18) paris (29:09) nana (32:55) she lays down (36:15) be my mistake

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    Tkm x esto

  • Ash Jules

    Ash Jules


    @Public Mail I’m glad u loved it🥰

  • Public Mail

    Public Mail


    Thank you for making this playlist appreciated.

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    ♪♫ LINKS TO THIS PLAYLIST ♫♪ spotify soundcloud more music playlist by me follow me on instagram

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    Thank you for making this! So beautiful ✨

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    1k subscribers congratulations

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    Imagine listening to this in a rainday day with a cup of coffee.

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    Thank you for this. I don’t know why but this is such a total mood

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    @Ash Jules Could I make a request... ? a playlist for an airplane trip home ? I am going back home to hawaii soon and was interested on hear a playlist like that... sorry if its a weird request.

  • Ash Jules

    Ash Jules

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    im very glad u enjoyed it! stay tuned for more vids like this✨

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    I like the odd secrets that are in this video, such a great gem!

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    Sikat kana pala ate ashley eh HAHAHA Congrats 🥳💖

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    i got scared when somebody else started playing hfdjsfhsdjf i am wearing headphones and i thought something's happening out there hfdjfhsdjf

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    this means so much to so many people here.. this pain makes so much sense right now..

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    Tnx for calming my anxiety with this playlist

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    this is beautiful 🇰🇪 ♥

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    thank you for this.

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    I came here thinking I'd find musics from the year 1975 happily surprised, though

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    make this on spotfy pleaseeee

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    Just for remember that I'm alone, thanks 💙

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    The secret rice externally correct because fiction prognostically drag into a alike cherry. amusing, absurd opinion

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    love you for this u absolute queen

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    Aren't I sad enough? why am i here

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    The freaking 1975. No one can beat them.

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    Listening at 3:00 am. Sad people hour

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    The 1975 is the best band. I refuse any argument.

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    the last song aaaaaa

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    pov: *listening to this at 2 am * I'm happy :')

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    will i ever be happy again

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    what is 102? first time hearing it. where can i listen?

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    This is a masterpiece, me and my bong thank you ✨💚

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    This is beautiful, Thanks Ash

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    thanks for listening ;))

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    Running out of sad songs but still sad

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    Thank you for making this. It's helping me, it's helping me express my feelings i can't even handle myself. This may not fix the pain I'm feeling but it helps me bear it...

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    Damn, starting with 102 was amazing, I knew it was going to be here, I wish it was on Spotify, is my favorite song by The 1975. Also that’s my favorite acoustic version of Sex and finishing the video with Be My Mistake was also a great choice. I love these guys, thanks for the video.

  • julmaley


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    you can listen it to on a app called ‘musi’ it allows you to turn off your phone, make playlists, and put song(s) on repeat

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    I was trying to understand why they didn't sound like the ones from the 1975s, only after I realized that it was a band not the year =D

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    Instead of falling asleep... i just started crying

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    Omg i stumbled here and what caught my attention is we have the same name lol 🤣💖 i love the playlist tho xoxo

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    This brings back so much memories from when i first discovered them in 2012:) ah good times i wish i could go back to now

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    Our safe place b

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    man, listening to this playlist made me finished a lot of homeworks. i dont why it sounds so nostalgic. 1975 really gave us the warmest and comfortable music. for the first time after how many months, i feel so relaxed.

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    If you like these ones, maybe you'll my version of Robbers in my channel 👉👈 just sayin' 👉👈

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    I dont love anymore

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    cry > sleep

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    I miss her but I know she has someone new and I just have to accept we were never gonna work. What gets me are all the things I was looking forward to doing with her. Just venting a bit. Hope y'all are having a better night.

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    Hiii I know it’s rlly hard, but you’ve got to look at it this way. She was meant to be in your life and she was meant leave, even though it feels wrong and you want to be with her. Be grateful for all the amazing memories you had with her and all the lessons she taught you. Life goes on and you will find another yourself one day too and it will be amazing, I promise you

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    Everything will be alright my dear friend! Just hold on and remember that you can and will live those things with another, even better person; the right one! :)

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    a change of heart acoustic hits different

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    I actually pass by a 1975 mv a couple of minutes ago and I don't even know them. So when I suddenly saw this , thats when I knew that I never made such a good decision before until I clicked this. Thanks man.

  • Janelle Suministrado
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    I just realized.. Since “Be My Mistake” is about a person saying being with this other person is a mistake since they are still in love with their ex, then the song “102” is about that person’s perspective. Since it’s a story about that person falling in love with them but knowing it’s not possible since that person still keeps talking about their ex. be my mistake- s/he bought me those jeans, the ones you like. the smell of her/his hair reminds me of your feet. you do make me hard but s/he makes me weak. 102- i like the way your face looks when you’re yapping on about him/her. We just sat there for ages talking about that boy/girl what was getting onto you.

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