what if you create a wither in water


so funny!

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    👇 Congrats for your 8.5 Millions Views 👍🆙

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    Water+whiter Whater

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    Now thats what I call an epic fight

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    Hmmm hehaha since he cant expo in water

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    Nice if you don't get recognized now you will in the future with another yt channel keep toying with the views my dude

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    Submarines be like:

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    Hey bro your idea was copyed from a spanish youtuber and is in trending

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    Everyone gangsta until the wither finds a way to explode underwater

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    Water wither Water wither

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    Dreamy Boy

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    I have achieved comedy

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    Now its a Wather

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    I did something like this for my wither museum

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    What if you set the blocks on the soul sand to be wither skeleton skulls

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    Me in survival saw heads flying up the water

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    This was more tense than the cursed words BEYBLADE BEYBLADE LET IT RIP

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    I thought that the wither didnt attack undead mobs

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    I want you to be my new science teacher

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    Errant was here

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    i didn't know that drowneds attack withers

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    Jesus loves you 🕊✝️🕊✝️🕊🕊✝️🕊✝️

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    It's the Wather

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    What The F

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    es puede des troir si o no

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    Trying to comment on thots of vids day 1

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    I love how this guy breaks the youtube algorithm

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    the price of your greed is your villagers and emralds what u gon do when there is whiter in a water

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    Oh, cool

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    Normally wither death in water

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    Muito bom de mais de mais de mais

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    It seems like the WITHER is launching torpedos 😂🤣

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    That drown was like "Wow wow WAIT WAIT ! ! !"

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    the rumbling in aot be like:

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    All the drowned be like *look at this dude, bruh*

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    Hey! Some people from the spanish community are stealing your videos.

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    Aqua wither

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    Wtf 8.4million

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    ahh yes, the most powerful mob in the game

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    Poor guy😢

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    Thats cool anyway make nice videos👌

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    🌚 🌚 When his head went 🌚 I felt that.

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    you should be known as a minecraft scientist i just learned 2 things in this vid of yours

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    the wither:f u man

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    This guy proofs that quantity is better than quality

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    Wither get bullied

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    top 1 most views in steveee

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    so he's famous ig

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    Ya littering the ocean bruh

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    Wither so famous he got fans!

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    congrats on getting on trending!!

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    Lmao it looks like your in the Spongebob universe

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    Congrats to EVERYONE who is early and found this comment

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    Wither : hello i am stronger than everyone! Ender dragon : uhm The drowns : OMG IM A BIG FAN WITHER

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    How did this guy here

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    You know the best idea is to use the command /summon wither

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    Umm... I swear I heared a cave sound... AHHHHHH NOW IM FUCKING SCARED!

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    Wither on surfaces: HAHA YOU CAN’T STOP ME Wither in Underwater: *help.*

  • XIV ParrotLord XIV
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    Thx for telling me that so when I create a wither I’d make sure to do it underwater for survival so I don’t have to actually fight it

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    i read the title as creating a water in a wither

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    Wither Skeleton Heads: "WEEEEEE"

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    This is popular as a sh*t Look how many subcribeds thaat he have He have like only 60k few month ago Keep going

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    The tridents are doing nothing to that Wither 🤣

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    How did this blow up...?

  • Raptor

    Ah yes torpedo heads

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    Mlk pegou a Idea do Johan🤔?

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    Wither underwater be like: 😐

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    wow. over 8 million views

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    Legends say he's still uploading videos with no sleep just to entertain us

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    Can you use dispensers underwater to place all three heads at once? Apparently I am too lazy to check myself

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    The drowns aren't even doing any damage to the wither 🤣

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    Im Can You Create A Video Of The Wither The Name me Wonter The My Favorite

  • Nilse de Almeida Lima

    Nilse de Almeida Lima


    Not Good

  • Nilse de Almeida Lima

    Nilse de Almeida Lima



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    all of ur vid r epic

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    Adivino : Vienes de invictor

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    Js • [Mini-Vicnixgs3》


    Yo solo vine a ver cuántos comentan sobre Invictor. Porque lo que veo eres el único.

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    Water wither

  • iiCloudy Skiesii
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    Wither: "Everything here will die." Those drowns: *CCCHHHHAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!!*

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    W a t h e r

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    the skulls look like rockets underwater,amazing

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    0:44 wither fans

  • TheLifeOfJess

    so does that mean the drowns are on your side now??

  • Ignacio

    8.1 million views in a week wow

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    He is just chilling

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    the first part lol

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    wolfboy MC



  • Ritsin, dumbest name ever I-
    Ritsin, dumbest name ever I-วันที่ผ่านมา


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    Wow u are close for a MILION SUBS