Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0)


Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid ( Xavi, Pedro, David Villa*2, Jeffren)
Real Madrid were humiliated in the El Clasico on November 29, 2010 as Barcelona thrashed them 5-0 at the Nou Camp. The Spanish Prime Minister had predicted a 4-2 for Barcelona, but the Catalans did even better as they thrashed Los Blancos 5-0.
It was billed as a Messi vs Ronaldo game, and Messi clearly won this one.
Sergio Ramos also got sent off for Real Madrid.


  • Md Sajib Ahamed
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    Barca fans : sick of present See this and get a move on

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    Best match ever

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    Sergio Shitty Asshole Piece of shit Ramos. The biggest asshole on the Earth.

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    Ronaldo can never ever match messi. Accept that or use your middle finger for yourself.

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    I'm watching in 2021 and still love it❤❤

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    8.43 🤭

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    2021 and i am still here...

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    This Guardiola's Barca is the best team in history.

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    Messi is best

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    А потом они продули рубину

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    Who is here in 2021?

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    The most heated footbal match in my life because everybody in real life also fighting because of this xD

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    Real Madrid have always had the best players in history like zidan , Ronaldo(Brazilian) , Roberto Carlos , David Beckham , Robinho , Ronaldo (Portuguese) , Hazard , Ozil , Raul , Guti, and many more . These ones I just mentioned are soccer stars and still they get their ass kicked to smaller teams . Since they implemented the use of VAR they haven’t made it to the quarter final of the UEFA. They were eliminated by Ajax , and the following year by the city and this year they will not make it to the quarter final either .

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    40:46 Đã bao lần trăng tròn rồi lại khuyết 🔦

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    No one’s gonna talk about how great chemistry Villa And Messi had

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    boyogueno5 วันที่ผ่านมา Leo Messi

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    Ronaldo is a facking bicht

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    Kesombongan pigue di bungkam ronaldo😅😅😅😅😅

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    Ronaldo is shit, Messi is better

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    messi be like - No one touches Pep

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    ahahahah madrid noobirius😂😂😂

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    Crazy to think that Classico’s won’t be like this anymore with these high level players and tactics on both sides

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    Жёлтая карточка Месси не справедлива, удар локтем в подбородок Месси от Карвалью был. Две гениальные передачи от Месси это конечно шедевр. А Роналду может только пенальти бить.

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    We are going through a tough time but we will bounce right back. Because thats what great teams do.

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    Barca makes Jose not special

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    Барса сила, реал лох

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    Ramos is son of all the world pitches😂

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    you are good barça

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    I can not realise that i had witnesed is must to watch it every month again and again .ronaldo became a cat.yaw yaw yaw.

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    One of my wrost player pepe....😠😠😠😠

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    ఆ ఆi love u girl.

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    Daxshat video Barsa juda źõrda messini qaranglar daxshat òynayabti

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    As if you were watching Shakespeare

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    5:37 ...thank me later........see the fan of barcelona insulting to ronaldo behind.😂😂😂

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    I love ronaldo ...he has ability ..he can do anything .....but He cant be MESSI!

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    I could watch this video until I die i would not get bored because this is art at its finest

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    Where is score bord??have to show.

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    барселона громит реал 5-0 реал громит баварию 4-0, в гостях которая громит барсу 8-2 )))вот и думайте кто сильней )))

  • Boii u betta
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    That second Villa goal is almost orgasmic, the brilliance by Messi, Villas precision, the commentary and that huge roar from the crowd followed by that celebration Truelly one of the greatest match ever played glad Barca were the orchestra of it

    WINDO BARUS10 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Kwkwkkwkkw 5 - 0 real madrid losst....

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    Love you.

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    The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

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    Fucking loser ramos hahaha xD

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    wow xavis goal

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    The Best Match In The History. *Period.*

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    Watching it in 2021! Still one of most amazing game barcelona has ever played

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    Best match of Barcelona

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    Barca dulu emang luar biasa

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    shame on Romas shame on RM.

  • Realistis
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    Barcelona was a great as a team, but after this era Ronaldo proved his ability to lead in one club. Messi was a great player when Xavi-Iniesta-Villa were playing with him. Definitely he is not a leader!

  • Tariqo
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    This is the greatest performance by any team in sports history .... this is against a team full of stars on the pitch and the bench with a legendary coach This performance is the reason why fans of other teams hates Barcelona.. they just wished their team to play like this

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    2010-11 Barcelona was on a different level. Finest Tiki-Taka we've ever witnessed.

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  • troy krentzs
    troy krentzs13 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Messi is ridiculous 😄😄 i dont think we'll see player like him in next 50 years.

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    Dor Herard promo13 วันที่ผ่านมา Watch this video wawwwww it's magical

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    5:25 va a llorar tiene los ojos aguados

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    Y este es el mejor club del siglo XXI?? Un equipo señorial que cuando pierde da la mano????

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    Vaya partidito de gramos

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    David villa finishing was absolut massive,it was so underrated,imagine messi being spanish

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    ronaldo c est la plus belle racle de ta vie je ne t aime pas va chez les bonnes soeurs mauvai perdant

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    The most iconic El Classico ever

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    Бляяяя что за барса этот состав была просто бомммба👍👍

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    Кирилл Пыпенко

    12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Согласен (фан барсы) . Это поколение подошло к концу

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    This was also the wake-up call for Madrid as they won the league title next year with 121 goals. THIS, folks, is the zenith and epitome of El Clasico since 1988-1994.

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    1:01 pause Ok that look like a corner

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    Gold days Will return

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    each ronaldo real fan remember till their death hahahaha wat a match

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    Barcelona prime times

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    Barca mengajari madrid cara bermain sepak bola...

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    What a great team Barcelona im so glad I was fortunate see these talented Barcelona players

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    move on muve on

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    Dima barsa

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    Este barca merecía ganar la champions

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    real madrid is dirtiest team of the century and off course the players are

  • Dipak Bhusal
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    dog ronaldo cry baby

  • Marius Badoi
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    it was the day when barcelona revolutionated football, and shocked entire world with their style!

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    11:57 most epic moment see in my life 🤩😇barca 💥❤️

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    Those times 🤩

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    Aw kayn ronaldo fl Real ou khasro real

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    Talk about ball watching.......

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    Just to remind you again this Real Madrid team was a beast a prime madrid but Barcelona literally played in gods level. Messi walks on water here.

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    I like messi

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    If your watching this in 2020 do you also miss their matches

    PARTHA BISWAS19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Bill sweet real madried.........